Monster teams with Justin Bieber to market headphones to kids

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Monster JustBeats

Let me start out by saying: by getting into this line of work, I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write about too much pop culture. Especially not flavor-of-the-month teen pop stars. However, Monster made that impossible by contacting Justin Bieber to market headphones to pre-teen and teen kids.

As part of their Artist Series, Monster is bringing out JustBeats, a pair of purple-colored beats Solo. JustBeats means Justin Bieber joins the ranks of Lady Gaga, Sean “Puffy” Combs and Lebron James as a famous person with their own line of Beats. Justin Bieber is also behind a purple pair of iBeats.

The whole goal of Monster is to bring good-sounding headphones to kids. The iBeats help, wit their lower price point, and the obvious iPod riff in the name. Painting them and Beats Solo purple and putting Bieber’s face behind them gives Monster pure marketing gold. What better way to make kids want something than to put their can-do-no-wrong pop idol on stage wearing it?

As much flack as Bieber and Monster get in their respective industries, I have to admit that the idea is a decent one. Getting kids to use decent headphones, rather than whatever’s cheaper or comes packed-in is a good start. The only problem is that parents might not see the use in buying $100+ headphones for their kids just because they’re purple and Justin Bieber says they’re good. I hope the effort pays off in that more kids will care about the quality of the headphones they use, even if it might not change the quality of their music files.

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