Google offers Android Market update, now displays prices in local currency

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It looks like Google has recently rolled out a small, but welcome sounding update for the Android Market. This update means that prices will now be displayed in your local currency. Nicely, ALL prices will be displayed in your local currency, which means the next time you scan down the Market looking for something to purchase, you will easily and quickly be able to see how much the app will cost. And more important, you will be able to see that price without having to worry whether or not you did the conversion correct.

Via [Android Community]

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  • rock123

    I like that I can quickly see how much I will be paying for an app but i'm still upset I have to pay fees from my credit card if I buy an app from a developer in another country.

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  • MAD

    Yea so great, i live in Latvia and i see prices in Lithenia … i dont even know the fcking curency i wish it was in $