Qualcomm ends the short and apparently sad life, kills off the FLO TV

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It looks like Qualcomm has decided to end the life of the FLO TV and we cannot say that we are all that surprised. But personal feelings aside, this (as you can likely guess) has come as a result of the competition. Nothing surprising there, after all, how many people would be willing to shell out another $250 bucks plus shell out another monthly subscription when other devices will do almost the same thing. Granted, other devices may have offered the same programming lineup, but close enough for most I would suspect. According to the details given, “the mobile TV service will shut down by the end of the year.” Furthermore, they are in talks with both Verizon and AT&T to see what can be done about the carrier options that had been available. I guess even that initial offer of a free 6 months of service with the purchase of a FLO TV was not enough to draw in the customers.

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