SugarSync unveils multi-user sync of files & folders

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SugarSync has officially announced their latest new feature — multi-user sync.

“SugarSync Inc., makers of the award-winning SugarSync file sync, backup and sharing service, today announced the ability for users to instantly sync folders and files between people. The new feature leverages SugarSync’s flexible structure to enable users to work the way they always work, without extra steps.

The new multi-user sync capability allows for folders shared among an assigned group to be immediately synced between all parties. As soon as shared files are updated by a user, each person will find the most up-to-date information on his/her computer.”

This multi-user sync feature will be available for all current users and allow you easily share files and folders between users. The nice part here is that the files (or folders) will automatically sync between the users, which should ensure the everyone has the latest. As far as getting started, current users will simply need to click the “sync to computer” button. And for those of you who are worried about giving the full access to a folder, there is a read-only option available. Furthermore, just in case something does happen, SugarSync keeps the five previous versions of each file.

Bottom line here, this is just another addition to what would be a long list of reasons to recommend SugarSync. Personally I have been a paid user for several years now and love the ease of use, though I do not often access the files that I sync from the web or even another computer, but instead for me it serves as a nice second location for important (and regularly used) files that I have on my computer. In short, if you have not already, head on over to the SugarSync website and give it a look. They even have a free account available for those looking to test things out.

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