Logitech Revue coming at the end of October for $299

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Logitech Revue and Keyboard Controller

Today Logitech unveiled the first Google TV set-top box, the Logitech Revue. Being the first Google TV box, it needs to to at least be more interesting that something like the Boxee Box and the Apple TV, and it’s looking like the Revue might be up to that task.

The Logitech Revue, as you’d expect, comes off as a little complicated. It’s a long black box that sits between your cable-provided set-top box and your HDTV, that’s controlled with a keyboard complete with a trackpad and extra media control buttons. For a techie, this seems fine, and will surely be great in practice. In addition to the keyboard, the Revue let’s you control the experience through an iOS device or Android smartphone, which makes the experience even better. The IR blaster for your cable-box means the apps or Logitech Keyboard Controller can control the entire experience.

The Revue box complete with Keyboard COntroller will ship for $299, with the Mini Controller selling for $129.99, and the TV Cam going for $149.99. The Mini Controller is a 6-inch wide controller that’s easier to lose and replaced the trackpad with a D-pad. The TV Cam allows you to do HD video calling through your TV to other people’s TVs or computers using Logitech Vid.

The whole experience with apps like Netflix and Pandora sounds interesting. The implications of Google TV are exciting, if you want to keep your cable or you really enjoy reading the web on your TV. Being able to access everything without switching between inputs is great, but I think I’d rather just get a Boxee Box or Apple TV and just cancel cable. Or just keep the cable and get a Google TV for all the web features and the ability to watch sports.

Read [Logitech] Via [Engadget]

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  • omalley5280

    I love the Logitech Revue!! I work for DISH Network and we were lucky enough to get a couple of these to test out here at the office, and I was hooked!! So the day they became available, I plunked down my $179 ($120 less than retail) and have been enjoying the Google TV ever since. I constantly wonder who an actor is, or what I’ve seen them in, now instead of going to my computer, or waiting for my phone to load the info, I Google search…question answered! And I still laugh at the Kevin Bacon commercial!!!