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I guess you have to keep finding ways to innovate, right? Facebook has now created a new feature (found under the account settings section) that will allow you to download all of your Facebook information including photos, posts, videos and other general information straight to your desktop. Just when you thought you couldn’t find any other ways to reach your beloved Facebook page, Mark and company have just thrown another avenue at us.

“We built this because being able to download a copy of your information is important when it comes to having control of your data.”

The download basically puts all of your information from Facebook into a Zip file that can be accessed from your computer at any time. This is completely different from visiting your actual Facebook page because…well, I suppose it’s not that different now is it? The practicality factor on this one is yet to dawn on me to be honest, so let’s think this through.

Hypothetical situation: Jane Doe downloads her Facebook page onto her desktop and has all of her information in a file format as opposed to having it displayed on a browser. What can she do with the exact same information in a different format that she couldn’t already do? Someone let me know what I’m missing here.

Via [ComputerWorld]

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  • Abhijat Sharma

    i can't see the 'Download your information' option on my settings page

  • Chad Huntley

    Here is one situation where this would be helpful:

    Your hard drive crashes, and you had no backups of your pictures. To put the pictures back onto your hard drive you could go page-by-page through your profile, right click each image, and save.

    Or, you could download your profile with a couple of clicks, and no matter how many images you have on your facebook, you now have them available on your computer.

  • Tarun Kunwar

    This is precisely the reason I have a Flickr account :)

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