Yahoo! plans new Video Messenger app for Android, iOS

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Yahoo! Messenger As more and more smartphones begin to sport front facing video cameras, the market for apps that handle video messaging efficiently has becoming increasingly attractive. Many options such as Fring, Tango, and Qik are available, but we have yet to see a big name company get into the game. In the press release announcing T-Mobile’s new myTouch smartphone, it made mention of users’ ability to video chat through Yahoo! Messenger.

Recently, David Katz, Yahoo’s VP of Mobile for the Americas region, gave the low down to Reuters in terms of what smartphone owners can expect from the revamped Yahoo! Messenger app. The app is expected to be released for Android users in the near future with the ability to work across 3G and Wi-Fi. Interestingly, the video part of the app will work with PC and Mac users running Yahoo! Messenger — finally making video chat from smartphone to desktop/laptop a reality.

As you probably know, Apple is very adamant about video apps running only over Wi-Fi, as its native FaceTime only operates on Wi-Fi. As a result, the iOS version of Yahoo! Messenger has not yet been approved.

Via [Reuters]

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