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Gadgetell has been growing and we have found ourselves in need of a few more quality bloggers. Think you have what it takes to join the team? Read on and find out what we are looking for and then how to apply.

We are looking for a weekday and a weekend blogger, or someone willing to take on both. A little more specifically;

The first being someone who can contribute often, and by often I mean on a daily, or at least an almost daily basis to include weekdays and weekends. I would say this person would average at least 10 posts per week.

The second being someone who wants to write primarily on the weekends. Of course, anyone who fills this role will be welcomed to post during the week. But the main focus is for weekend coverage. This person would most likely average about 6-8 posts per weekend.

Assuming you are ok with those roles and posting expectations—we really need someone who loves tech/gadgets. You know the type—the person who loves tech so much that other people get tired of hearing them talk because that is all they talk about. Or the person who sits at the dinner table with a laptop, tablet or smartphone because they cannot part with the Internet for even a few minutes. In short, we are looking for the tech obsessed.

If you are interested, here is what you need to do to apply. Send an email to robert (at) gadgetell (dot) com and include;

  • For new bloggers, two sample posts that would fit on Gadgetell. Don’t worry they will not be used, but we want to see what you are capable of.
  • For experienced bloggers, show us some links to other writing that you have done. These should be relevant to tech/gadgets and should also be current.

Finally, tell us a little about you, what you currently do, how much time you can realistically dedicate to Gadgetell and why you think you would be a good fit. And make sure you let us know how to get back in touch with you just in case we like what you submit. In the email, use “Gadgetell Blogger Hiring” as the subject.

And yes these are paid positions.

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