Unconfirmed: Verizon to launch Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 1

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Samsung Galaxy Tab We have already seen rumors from T-Mobile and Sprint outlining potential availability and/or pricing information, but rumors from AT&T and Verizon Wireless have been relatively quiet. Today, Droid-Life is reporting a rumor cited by two sources claiming Verizon Wireless will launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 1, which coincides with the United Kingdom launch. The Sprint rumor claims the Galaxy Tab will launch November 14, so the Verizon rumored launch is two weeks ahead of Sprint. Considering Verizon was the last to join the Galaxy S parade, it is not surprising that Verizon wants to launch the Galaxy Tab first.

Unfortunately, no word on pricing, but if the rumors from Sprint and T-Mobile are to be believed, then it is likely the Galaxy Tab would retail for $399 on a two year contract with Verizon. With all four American carriers launching the same device, it’s going to come down to consumer carrier preferences and loyalty to decide which carrier will sell the most Galaxy Tabs.

Via [Droid-Life]

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