Should you buy an iPad this holiday season?

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With Walmart and Target jumping on the iPad bandwagon as official retailers, the iPad will literally be everywhere this holiday season. The device continues to draw rave reviews from users and those seated next to them on flights. The question is, should you get one this holiday season or wait for iPad 2?

Apple traditionally updates everything on a yearly cycle. The industry expects iPad 2 to come in April, at the one year anniversary of the original launch. That just four measly months and likely, something will get announced in January regarding new hardware.

With iPods, Apple’s timing is perfect for holiday buyers. New products are introduced in the fall, so buying them in December gives users a full 8 months until the precious gadgets are obsoleted. Apple may have succeeded in balancing their calendar with an iPad launch in April, but consumers are faced with a rather tough choice: instant gratification or 4 months saying, “I should have waited.”

What will iPad 2 have? Likely candidates include the addition of camera(s), possibly going slimmer (as is typical for Apple products), a smaller size offering, USB connection and the gorgeous Retina Display (like iPhone 4 and iPod touch). Can users live without these upgrades? Sure, but…

So, will you pony up this holiday season or wait for the next revision? Let us know in the comments.

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