Bing and Facebook forge deeper alliance to make search more social

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Bing, Facebook social search

Alright, today’s hottest news headline propagating on most tech sites right now is Facebook and Microsoft Bing’s social search alliance. It’s an exciting time for both major industry players – Facebook, the social network and Bing, one of the three major search engines. What does the alliance really gives us ordinary people?

Basically, there are just two things that Bing-Facebook social search integration brings – Liked Results in Bing Search and Facebook Profile Search.

The first feature brings in the things liked by your Facebook friends whenever you do a normal Bing search. So, if you’re searching for a particular restaurant and you do your search on Bing, you will not only get the usual results as culled from Bing’s index. You’d also get results based on the restaurants mentioned or liked by your friends and friends of your friends on Facebook. Simply put, it’s just like Bing transforming into a social recommendation search tool.

The other feature has something to do with searching for people on Bing. Whereas before when you are searching for an old pal and you do your search on Bing, you’d get tons of results citing namesakes of your old pal, now Bing is bringing in your Facebook friends to the search results. The friend you’re looking for might happen to be connected with another friend who is currently on your Facebook friends list. So that makes it easier to find that friend. And to make your life easier, Bing has included a link for you take action when you found that friend. You can either add the friend to your Facebook account or even send them a message, right there on the Bing search results page.

And that’s it. Basically those are the two new features that this much talked about Bing and Microsoft social search alliance of sort is bringing. The new social search feature will start rolling out anytime now. Check it out and tell us in the comment how do you like it so far.

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