Android 2.2 usage climbs to 33.4% with Android 2.1 in the lead with 40.4%

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Android 2.2 usage climbs to 33.4 percent with Android 2.1 in the lead with 40.4 percent

As an Android geek it is always fun to see the changes in usage, which thankfully are provided every so often by Google. And this latest report is showing that we may be putting in more effort than needed complaining about older versions. After all Android 1.6 usage is down to 16.4 percent and the usage of Android 1.5 is down in the single digits, currently at 9.7 percent. On the flip side, we have Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 sitting at 40.4 percent and 33.4 percent respectively. Just for the record, this latest data is reflecting the usage period which ended on October 1st. While we continue to see the usage of older versions dwindling down, it should be interesting to see what happens (and how quickly things change) once Android 3.0 comes available.

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