Skype for Windows integrated with Facebook, where’s the love for Mac?

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Skype for Windows

Skype has just updated its Windows app to include some new features that we Mac users might be envious of, that is if we Skype at all. Basically, the new Skype for Windows integrates some the usual Facebook stuff that we normally use, specifically – Facebook News Feed and Phonebook.

What this means for all of you Skype for Windows users is it will now be easier to stay connected with your Skype contacts and communities you care about. With the integrated Facebook features, you can now see your Facebook News Feed inside Skype, post status updates that syncs with your Skype mood, comment and like friends’ statuses and wall posts, call and send SMS to your Facebook friends, and make free Skype-to-Skype calls.

In addition to the Facebook integration, the new Skype for Windows is also bringing in some new interface enhancements. And a new feature, video calling was also rolled out in beta. You’ll get a free trial of this new feature when you download the update.

Sounds good? Actually it is. I just wonder why there’s no love for Mac users who have waited long enough for Skype for Mac to be updated. Also, whether this feature will be carried to Skype for iPhone and other mobile platforms including for Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

Ready to make your Skype experience a bit more social? You can download the updated Skype for Windows here.

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