CoPilot Live GPS navigation app for Android with USA maps for only $4.99

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CoPilot Live GPS Navigation App for Android

One of the most popular GPS navigation apps for iPhone and iPad has just made its way to the Android Marketplace. Yes folks, CoPilot Live GPS navigation app for Android is now available and waiting for all of us Android phone owners in need of a good GPS navigation app. The new low-cost app is bringing in full-featured GPS navigation for only $4.99 and includes maps of USA which will be stored on your Android device once you get the app and pay its price.

Mind you, the app is not just your ordinary GPS navigation app but a feature-rich voice guided one. It gives you easy-to-follow, turn-by-turn guidance complete with high resolution 3D guidance views and voice directions to help you get your way through the streets. And like we mentioned, the maps are downloaded in full on your Android phones. So you don’t have to download these maps everytime you head out on a trip. This means you won’t be needing an internet connection everytime you use the app. Additionally, the app comes preloaded with millions of points of interest (POIs) such as gas stations, attractions, restaurants, and more.

Other features of CoPilot Live GPS navigation app for Android include – 14 days use of CoPilot Live’s Active Traffic info which calculates routes and ETAs based on current traffic conditions, local internet search and location-specific weather forecasts.

CoPilot Live for Android is available now from the Android Marketplace for a one-time fee of $4.99 and comes with unlimited use privilege. If you want the Active Traffic real-time traffic service, you have to shell out additional $9.99.

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