Barnes & Noble brining much needed features in Nook 1.5 next month

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Nook update

It’s been a few months since Barnes & Noble released a firmware update for it’s Nook ebook reader. In that time, the company released Nook apps for several platforms, which has brought about a few annoyances for users. Next month, a few of those issues will be resolved.

With Nook 1.5, Barnes & Noble will finally be implementing progress syncing, so you can read books on an app or the Nook and pick up at the same spot. The features has been a part of the Kindle for quite some time, and has even been in Apple’s iBooks since that app came to the iPhone. The Nook 1.5 update will also bring better search to the device, presumably for in-book searches. An interesting new features is password protection, which could be useful for those who want to hide what they’re reading from others, though it could prove annoying with the occasionally spotty Nook keyboard. The last big update is the ability to rearrange your library, which could prove very useful for those who hate searching through screens of books to find the one you want to read.

Barnes & Noble is saying that this is the biggest change to the Nok since it was released about a year ago. While that’s great, it might be nice to see somewhat different hardware. Perhaps something that’s a bit faster with a more responsive touchscreen. Still, adding the syncing feature is great for those who are loyal to the platform, much better than having to rely on just one device to read so you can keep your placement.

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