Google updates Google Voice for Android app, adds search for voicemail & text messages

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Google has rolled out the latest update in terms of the Google Voice app on Android. The update brings the version up to and comes in at a 1.10MB download. As for what has been added or changed, in this case it is added, the ability to “search your voicemail transcripts and text messages.” As always, the update for the Google Voice app can be found within the Android Market and is available as a free download. With that, one word of caution when updating — after the update process has run — make sure you open the app so your calls will route themselves properly. Hint, while many now have the ability to “allow automatic updating” in the Android Market, this may not be the best app to do that with.

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  • Womens Boutique

    I'm a proud user of Google voice–I LOVE it. I'm looking forward to these tools and to see how they work.



  • GyratoryTech

    excellent news