Netflix is now a “streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail”

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Netflix is now a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail

Netflix was once thought by many, and likely still is, as a DVD-by-mail service — however it looks like the times are changing. Co-founder Reed Hastings recently summed this up rather nicely with a statement.

In fact, by every measure, we are now primarily a streaming company that also offers DVD-by-mail,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO.

A streaming company that also offers DVD’s. Very interesting to read. Of course, this comes due to the growth in the streaming side of the business and the fact that 66 percent of their customers have streamed either a movie or television episode. And just for comparison, that 66 percent was up from 41 percent from the same quarter in the previous year.

With that, this means those in the US waiting for a streaming only service may soon get what they are waiting for, that is, according to Netflix.

“At the same time, the introduction of our streaming offering in Canada in late September has provided us with very encouraging signs regarding the potential for the Netflix service internationally.”

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