Barnes & Noble Nook coming to Walmart starting October 24

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Walmart will soon carry the Barnes & Noble Nook

With the holiday season coming soon, many companies are doing their best to get their products into as many stores as possible. What bigger store is there to carry a product than Walmart? Love or hate the retailer, it’s impossible to deny that they are one of the biggest stores in the US, if not the biggest.

Starting as soon as October 24, the Barnes & Noble Nook will start to appear in Walmart stores. So this holiday shopper will be able to see the WiFi and 3G Nooks just a few yards away from the Apple iPad. According to Barnes & Noble the Nook has been exceeding expectations for sales, and Walmart will only increase distribution.

With Amazon selling the Kindle at Target, it makes sense that Barnes & Noble would go one further and partner with Walmart. This is the third retailer that will carry the Nook. Barnes & Noble retail stores and Best By also carry the eBook reader. The Kindle still seems to own the market, however. Maybe Barnes & Noble can catch up by adding another retailer to the mix. It is curious why this announcement would be made now, just a few days before the Barnes & Noble October 26 press event.

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