Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace will make it easier to buy PC games

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Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace

Microsoft has just announced its new Games for Windows Marketplace. If Apple is launching the new Mac App Store, this is Microsoft’s version, only this time this marketplace is exclusive for PC games only, while the Apple Mac App Store is for computer apps and software. Games for Windows Marketplace will be officially opened on November 15. Once live, PC gamers will have easier access to games they love – allowing easier navigation and purchase.

Specifically, Games for Windows Marketplace will provide PC Gamers with:

  • ultra-fast downloads of purchased games and easy redownload if necessary
  • access to deals and discounts on featured games, including those in the deal of the week and other seasonal offerings
  • search for games by titles or genres and even publishers
  • clean, intuitive interface that makes browsing for games, simpler and more enjoyable

Are you excited now? You should be, especially if you’re a big PC gaming fans since the Games for Windows Marketplace will kick off its operation with around 100 PC game titles immediately available upon launch.

In addition to all these good features, Games for Windows Marketplace will also support Microsoft points and credit card purchase. If you have an existing Windows Live ID, you can use that to login to the Marketplace once it goes live. If you don’t have the Windows Live ID and you think you’d be getting PC games from this marketplace, well better get yourself Live ID now.

So there goes another “marketplace” folks.

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