Rumor: T-Mobile to launch Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 10

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date

It is already known that Verizon Wireless will launch its own version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 11 for $599, but pricing and availability for other carriers have been frustratingly vague. A rumor about a little over a week ago placed pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab at $399 after a $50 MIR for T-Mobile. Today, a new rumor indicates the estimated launch date to be November 10, which beats Verizon’s launch date by a day. You may remember T-Mobile moved up the Samsung Vibrant launch by several days simply to beat AT&T’s launching of the Samsung Captivate. Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me to see T-Mobile launch its version of the Galaxy Tab before any other carrier, but if it does, it should announce this information soon.

Via [TmoNews]

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