Hack your food: ShopWell site and mobile app

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Hack food with ShopWell, a shopping tool with app and website support

Food data. That’s what ShopWell has and is willing to share it. The best thing it is intended to be customizable – the stuff you want out of food is probably different than I want.

New users to their website are treated to just a few steps to get started. Users select things they want from food and things they don’t. For example, I selected general health, weight management, high blood pressure and heart healthy? Those selections ticked off things like whole grains, low cholesterol, low fat, low sodium etc. Things I don’t want were ticked off or can be manually adjusted such as added sugar, corn syrup, and trans fats. Users can also enter allergies.

Next, simply enter food that you want, lets say we are looking at spaghetti. ShopWell puts up Ronzoni Smart Taste as one of the best choices, with a 95% match for me. The “for me” part is based on all the choices I entered during registration. The list goes on detailing my old brand (a lower score than the Ronzoni) and that’s the benefit – what is best for me.

The mobile app builds on the websites usefulness. Simply scan the bar code of the product with your phones camera and you’ll get your score for that food and other options that might be a better match. It works fantastically well. The database is impressive, finding most of the things I had in my kitchen. A few store brands were lacking.

What’s also neat is the nutrition label is for the products is shown and personalized based on my nutritional needs. So, users can see what percentage of a given nutrient is based on their suggested calorie intake. Cool.

With anything claiming to be a health helper, take it with a grain of salt (unless you have salt issues). Overall, it looks like a great helper when shopping. Don’t just by spagetti, by the one that works best for you nutritionally.

Registration, website and app are all free.

Site: [ShopWell]

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