PayPal innovating on payment solution for digital goods

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PayPal just announced the soon to be available PayPal for digital goods, a new payment solution that will allow PayPal users to pay for digital goods and content as fast and as as easy as a two-click process. This new payment solution will also mean that customers will no longer have to leave a merchant’s site to pay for goods that they are purchasing. Hence, a faster, safer, and more cost-effective way of sending and receiving micropayments for both customers and merchants worldwide.

Aside from being a faster way of paying for goods, PayPal for Digital Goods also promises to a more competitive fee structure for micropayments, including pricing at 5% plus 5 cents for purchases under $12. This is lower than what is typically charged by payment processors for digital goods. What’s good about this payment solution is the fact that publishers and merchants are paid instantly.

To kick-off the availability of PayPal for Digital Goods sometime around late fall this year, PayPal is getting a big supporter of this new payment solution. And this happens to be Facebook which will start integrating the new payment solution as a new way to make payments within the Facebook ecosystem.

Other companies who will be trying out the new PayPal for Digital Goods payment solution include the likes of,,, Tagged, Ustream and many others.

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