Barnes & Noble makes the NOOK Color official

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Today Barnes & Noble help a special event to announce what we already figured out was the Nook Color. The new eBook reader is a 7-inch tablet based on Android, but with a focus on reading.

The Nook Color will not replace the original Nook, but does seem to fill the space of a higher-end device from the retailer. It has access to all the same content as the Nook, but now features full-color magazines that you can try for free for 14 days. The magazines might be cramped compared to the iPad, but should look nice on the 1024×600 IPS display, the 178° viewing angle doesn’t hurt either. Barnes & Noble is also introducing Nook Kids, a children’s ebook store, which works well with the new “Read To Me” feature, so you can just give your kid the Nook Color, and the book can read itself for them.

With the Nook Color being based on Android, it’s no surprise that there would be more than just reading books. The device has Facebook and Twitter Integration, and a standard web browser built-in, though there is WiFi included, no 3G option. There’s also apps for Pandora and Lonely Planet. Barnes & Noble is trying to entice developers to make their own apps for the platform with Nook Developer, with an SDK for the device coming in the next few weeks. Smartly, Barnes & Noble wants developers to customize their apps for the Nook Color, rather than simply throwing their current Android apps onto the device.

The Nook Color will cost $249, and is scheduled to ship on November 19, with pre-orders available now. Like the other Nook models, the Nook Color will also be available in Best Buy, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble retail stores. If Barnes & Noble repeats last year’s performance, be sure to get your order in early if you want one. You might be able to get one before the holiday. Hopefully, however, B&N doesn’t botch this launch like it did the last one.

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