Yahoo launches a faster, sleeker, and more social Yahoo Mail Beta

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Yahoo Mail Beta

Can you recall the last time Yahoo did a revamp of one of its major web products – Yahoo Mail? I didn’t realize that it was five years ago. That was too long, right? Anyway, so the new Yahoo Mail interface is currently in beta preview. You can check it out by following this link. You may or may not like it but it still is a good news considering that Google has been introducing new features to Gmail, one of Yahoo Mail’s fierce competitor in the webmail space.

So, what are the new features that we should expect from the new Yahoo Mail? First, it’s now faster. According to Yahoo, Yahoo Mail was re-architected from the ground up to make it perform with blazing speed. The there’s “obligatory” social features. Particularly for the new Yahoo Mail Beta, Twitter and Facebook integration is as its fullest, as well as IM and SMS. For one thing, you can now tweet or retweet or even send a text message while reading what’s in your Inbox. And when you receive an email containing Flickr, Picasa or YouTube links, you can preview the contents right inside the email.

Yahoo Mail also now has a powerful search tool. This is particularly helpful if you don’t delete your email messages. Search is as sophisticated as refining it by sender, attachment file, date or folder location. Then, Yahoo also made its spam protection technology for webmail even more robust using Hadoop technology. Hopefully, the new Yahoo Mail will be a less spammy experience for all of us.

Finally, the new Yahoo Mail Beta promises offer the same experiences no matter what device you are using to access your email. And yes, they’ve got a video demonstrating the new features of the new Yahoo Mail beta. Check it out after the Read link and tell us what you think.

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