Confirmed delay; The white iPhone 4 will not be arriving “until this Spring”

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We have heard numerous reports and numerous stories about the delays of the white iPhone 4. Those have included everything from issues with the glass supplier to the non-matching buttons. That said, it looks like those who happen to still be waiting are going to be waiting a bit longer. According to a recent report on Reuters, the white iPhone 4 is not going to arrive until sometime in the spring of 2011.

“Apple Inc said on Tuesday that it would delay release of its eagerly anticipated white iPhone again, this time until next spring.”

For those still sporting an older iPhone and looking to upgrade to the iPhone 4. It may be time to either settle for the black model or simply resign yourself to waiting for the iPhone 5 and hoping they have the white model roll-out then. Then again, we are coming up on six months into the life of the current iPhone and what self-respecting geek wants to upgrade now knowing we will more than likely see something new in six months. Sorry Apple, but you blew it on the white iPhone 4.

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