Gingerbread-packing Nexus Two to drop in UK before holidays?

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London based newspaper City A.M is reporting the follow up to the Nexus One will be available through Carphone Warehouse. Google’s Nexus One was produced by HTC and was the top of the line phone when launched. The phone was also an attempt by Google to change up how people acquire phones as Google sold this phone direct from it’s own Android store. The experiment was not a success.

An industry source said: “It looks like Google is experimenting with the future of its mobile model in the UK. It tried releasing through a single carrier, now it is trying a single retailer.”

The paper noted the Nexus Two will ship with Gingerbread, the next release of Android OS. It is unclear, according the to the paper if HTC will again manufacture the device. The paper belives Samsung is out but Motorola may get the nod.

Read: [City A. M] via [Phandroid]

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