iLeads app for trade shows up scanner adoption by 60%

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iLeads delighting exhibitors with new scanning appIf you’ve ever been scanned or use a scanner at a trade show, here’s something new. Launched last April, the iLeads app uses an iPhone as a lead generator. Simply scan the badge with the phones camera and you’ve got all their contact info and ability to make notes right then and there. The company is finding users are taking more notes which should translate into more sales post-show.

Old scanner rentals were slow, typically wired and cost exhibitors an arm and a leg. Bartizan’s iLeads looks to move around that old way of business by making it mobile and everywhere. I can’t tell you how many contacts I meet in line for lunch, wandering through the halls or in the loo, all places where previously you didn’t have a scanner. With iLeads, that all becomes possible. (except maybe in the loo, where it’s just bad form).

“Bartizan debuted iLeads to trade show exhibitors with resounding success at the 5th International Cloud Expo in NYC. An unprecedented 90 percent of Cloud Expo’s exhibitors utilized the lead retrieval mobile app to collect their leads. Typical lead retrieval system use is low, hovering around 30 percent. This significant boost in exhibitor adoption to 90 percent illustrates the excitement and interest from show organizers and exhibitors for the latest and very best in mobile lead retrieval.”

These are impressive numbers for the scanning business. So far, only an iPhone app exists though I’d expect Android can’t be too far behind.

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