AppStation locks iPad to leg – it’s the Han Solo of iPad holsters

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AppStation locks iPad to pilots legDesigned for pilots, the AppStation from Big Sky Products, features a polycarbonate back coupled with a velcro strap to keep the iPad from bobbling around while in flight. iOS devices have proven to be a winner in the air for pilots replacing paper for checklists, in flight info and even back up navigation. It sells for $69.99.

The AppStation has a curved backside so it fits comfortably on your leg and provides a stable platform for tablet computing. When locked into the AppStation the iPad is canted toward the user at 15 degrees for easy reading and less glare. In all it looks like a great solution for pilots – Han Solo would have loved it.

The case/holster also features a side clip for paper and a flashlight and pencil holder.

Product page: [AppStation]

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