Verizon iPhone confirmed by Wall Street Journal, New York Times and now: Fortune

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We’ve received another confirmation of the mythical Verizon iPhone by way of Fortune today. Fortune contributing writer Sarah Ellison reports that the Verizon iPhone will come in 2011. That’s 3 major publications now, WSJ, NYT and now Fortune all going on record saying the unicorn that is the Verizon iPhone is real. Is it time to finally believe?

Fortune has confirmed that a Verizon iPhone will be released in early 2011.

Is it time for my end zone dance? Perhaps a ticker-tape parade? Maybe time to announce the iPhone is going to Disney World? Perhaps, though many insist until Steve Job shuffles out in his mock turtleneck, nothing is for sure.

What is for sure is Apple is feeling the heat from Google. Apple CEO Steve Jobs rant on the last quarterly call was proof postive the company (or at least Jobs) talk an aweful lot about the threat that Android is. Moving to a new carrier in the US could easily add 10 million iPhone sales next year, and thats only if 1 in 10 Verizon customers switch – forget the carrier jumpers that the deal would reel in.

The Fortune piece is largely a look at outgoing CEO Ivan Seidenberg and how he’s built Verizon. It’s a great Friday read.

Read: [Fortune]

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