Logitech keyboard goes solar. Suck it, batteries

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logitech solar powered keyboard K750, 3 months of staying power

If you’re like me, my gadgets are always hovering near empty on power. The familiar blinking light that says, “plug me in” seems to be always on and only when do things come to a dead stop, do things get plugged in. Logitech aims to end that.

Introducing the K750 solar-powered keyboard from Logitech. Featuring big, beautiful solar panels on top, the keyboard grabs power from light sources (sunlight or indoor lighting) when it can. At only 1/3rd of an inch thick, the keyboard continues Logitechs impressive high end line.

What if you live where the sun hides for months at a time? No worries, Logitech says the keyboard will keep its charge for up to 3 months. That also means it’s the ideal keyboard, even if you work in caves.

The keyboard also features concave key caps for comfy typing. The keyboard communicates at 2.4GHz

Shipping later this month for just $79.99, pre-orders being taken now.

Product page: [Logitech]

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