Verizon’s Top Things To Know, the Samsung Continuum edition

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Verizon's Top Things To Know, the Samsung Continuum edition

It seems as if we are going to know anything and everything about the Samsung Continuum by the time it is officially announced and available. Earlier today we told you about the comparison chart and now is time for the “Top Things To Know” infographic from Verizon. Of course, some of this is a rehash of the comparison chart, however it does go into a little more detail in regards to the ticker display. And just in case you have not already guessed, it looks like the big selling point is going to be the 1.8 inch ticker display which is described as being a “customizable screen at the bottom of the phone” that “displays content without the need to unlock the phone.” Otherwise, you will activate the ticker display by gripping the phone on the bottom left and right and it will display everything from social network updates, to incoming calls, to music that you are playing and even directions. Sadly though, it looks like the directions are only going to work if you are using VZ Navigator.

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