LG Optimus Pad outed, runs Honeycomb with a dual-core Tegra 2

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LG Optimus Pad to feature Tegra 2, 4G, Honeycomb version of Android

Though LG won’t comment on it, it seems they’ve got what they call the Optimus Pad in development. We’ve got this slide, above, and a comment from an unnamed senior official commenting the Optimus will run Honeycomb (expected to be Android 3.0). Why is LG waiting?

The answer appears to be that the company doesn’t believe a tablet experience on Froyo will be good enough to gain traction. Instead, LG seems to believe Honeycomb will be the beginning of when Android tablets mature. The senior official said the tablet would see the light of day in Q1 of 2011And LG will be there, teasing many firsts.

Here are some of the firsts that might be available by the time Optimus rolls out: (see what I did there, Optimus plus “rolls out” =Tranformer shout out, sweet).

– a dual-core Tegra 2 chip inside
-the first 8.9″ tablet
(those two reportedly came from the senior official)
-AMOLED screen or super AMOLED
-solar powered

Any other guesses at what LG would see as firsts? You know, Sprint has the big 4G “First” campaign where they beat the word into oblivion to the point where you stop listening to any of their “firsts.” Could this be headed there?

Read: [Engadget]

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