Verizon’s “Iconic Device” is the Motorola Droid Pro, not the iPhone

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Either Verizon has something much fancier sounding in terms of the launch of the iPhone or they are never going to launch it. Personally I am opting for the latter. That aside though, a screen capture of an internal Verizon Wireless system recently began circulating with mention of an “iconic device” coming on November 9th. On top of that, it was described as “projected to be in high demand once officially announced.” And well, naturally people began to assume it was the iPhone. Hey, it does sound plausible, however that turns out to have not been the case — the iconic device is going to be the Motorola Droid Pro. The Droid Pro name turned up in another recent Verizon screen capture which tips a November 9th pre-sale with a November 18th launch date. So no, Verizon is not launching the iPhone. Well, unless they have two iconic devices coming.

Via [TUAW]

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