Shopping for new computer? Walt Mossberg says get an iPad

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In today’s Wall Street Journal in an article titled, “A Fall Guide: How to Pick Your Next Computer” the venerable Walt Mossberg suggests a few machines worth considering. The only item bolded and the first recommendation is Apple’s iPad tablet computer. Could the iPad take a bigger bit out of computer sales than just netbooks?

Many owners of iPads, including me, are finding it handily replaces a laptop for numerous tasks, such as Web browsing, email, social-networking, photos, video and music. It has superior battery life, lighter weight, and it starts instantly.

In the section Tablets vs. Laptops, Mossberg mentions the laptop once, saying “it’s worth considering the iPad, which starts at $499, instead of a small laptop. Laptops advantages over tablets are never discussed in the section. Instead, the section reads more like an Apple advertisement than a comparison.

Walt couches the recommendation with cautions that the iPad is for light-duty use. While he is careful to point out that he doesn’t recommend using the iPad to create long document, spreadsheets and presentations, points out the iPad is capable of handling all that and more. What is interesting is where all the rah-rah iPad is located in the article.

To get beyond the discussion of the iPad (and briefly other tablets that are not out yet), one has to follow not just past the fold but onto the next page. Essentially, for many news skimmers this equates to a boon for the iPad who may or may not make it to where Mossberg begins his discussion on netbooks, laptops and desktops. Will users get the wrong idea about how much Mossberg likes the iPad?

What’s your take, is Mossberg pushing the iPad too hard? Is the device capable of a much further upstream disturbance, say to desktops? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Mossberg is Jobs' tool.