Leak: Motorola Droid Pro priced at $179 and Samsung Continuum priced at $199

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Motorola Droid Pro and Samsung Continuum pricing

Engadget received an image that details the pricing of several Android smartphones on Verizon Wireless — most notably, the Motorola Droid Pro and the Samsung Continuum.

Earlier today, we reported that Verizon Wireless would begin allowing pre-orders on the Droid Pro starting November 9 and extending until November 17. Unfortunately, there was no mention of pricing with that information, but it now looks like the Droid Pro will be available for $179 on a two year agreement. I’m sure the $179 price point comes with some sort of instant or Mail-in-Rebate, but there isn’t a mention of said rebate.

In addition, the Samsung Continuum, expected to be announced November 8 at Samsung’s special event, is marked with a $199 price, the standard for new high-end smartphones. Naturally, we are still waiting on an official confirmation from Verizon on the prices for the Droid Pro and the Continuum.

Via [Engadget]

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