Aliph brings Jawbone brand to portable speakers with the Jambox

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Aliph Jawbone Jambox

Aliph is known for its line of expensive bluetooth headsets. While they may be expensive, the headsets are also known to have good sound quality. It only make sense, then, that Aliph would consider bringing out a bluetooth speaker.

The Jawbone Jambox is Aliph’s first foray into the world of bluetooth speakers, but it doesn’t seem to stray too far from the company’s headset offerings. To start, the Jawbone Jambox is fairly expensive as far as bluetooth speakers go at $199. That’s even more than Monster Cable’s offering, which sells for $129. For that money you get a small, somewhat stylish box that measures 6×2.25×1.6-inches, and weighs just under a pound at 12 ounces. That small box will provide you with sound either through Bluetooth or 3.5mm headphone jack for eight to ten hours. There’s also a microphone in the Jambox, so you can also use it a speakerphone, which would probably sound better than the speakerphone in most phones.

The Jambox, like Aliph’s Jawbone Icon, can be updated via the MyTalk web platform. Those updates can include apps such as voice-to-SMS, Jott and voice dial.

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