Search faster on your iPhone or Android devices with Google Instant

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Google Instant for iOS and Android

Finally, Google has enabled its recently released search feature, Google Instant for iPhone and Android phones. In case you’ve already forgot about this Google search feature, it’s basically an enhancement of your usual search experience wherein Google does not only display search results predictions but actual search results as you type. It was pretty helpful when doing your search on your desktop but, yeah I guess it will also be more useful when you’re doing your search on your mobile phones.

You can try Google Instant beta on your iPhone or Android devices by simply pointing your mobile web browser to According to Google, Google Instant is currently available only for devices in the U.S. But all you have to do is to make sure that your web browser is on the said Google site and not on the localized version. Once on the Google search site, you can see simply click on the “Turn on” link just below the search box. Once you start typing your search term, you’d see the suggested search results. You can skip on these search results by pressing the search button and the actual results for your search term will be displayed.

Google Instant works on devices running iOS 4.2 and Android 2.2. To learn how it works, watch the demo after the read link below.

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