Google adds five new themes for Gmail users

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Google adds five new themes for Gmail users

Google has offered up some new options in terms of Gmail themes. The new additions, of which there are five in total include Basic Black, Basic White, Tree Tops, Marker and Android. Of course, being the geek, I promptly switched mine from the Night Shade that I was using to Android. Then again, the Marker theme is pretty cool looking, that is if you are into the coloring slightly out of the lines and using highlighter kind of look. That said, to change your theme head on over to Gmail and then click Settings (upper right) -> Themes and then pick your favorite.

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  • Nick

    Does Tree Tops follow your local weather like Tree does?

  • Robert Nelson

    Not sure on the local weather following, honestly did not realize the Tree theme did either. I am going to have to check that one out. Should be cool to watch throughout the day considering a Gmail tab is usually up during the day.