Verizon Droid users being invited to “Android Smartphone Workshop”

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Verizon Droid users being invited to Android Smartphone Workshop

It looks like Verizon is getting ready to have an Android workshop. The event, which seems to simply be dubbed as the “Android Smartphone workshop” is a virtual event that is set to take place on November 8th at 11am and is free to attend. As for what will be happening, Verizon mentions that you will learn tips and tricks about your phone as well as discover apps and find out how to better your battery life. And if you were one of those (myself included) who did not get a message notification from Verizon, you can head on over to to learn more. That said, we have to wonder if the November 8th date was chosen for a reason because while it could be a simple coincidence, it does coincide nicely with the Samsung event.

Via [Droid Life]

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