Is Google search app enough to convince you in getting a Windows Phone 7 smartphone?

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Google search on Windows Phone 7

How about this folks? If all the published specs, features, functionality, and capabilities of the current crop of Windows Phone 7 are not enough to convince you in getting any of these phones, would the availability of Google search app on the Windows Marketplace be enough? Well, it would be enough if you are a both a Google search fan who also wants to try out Windows Phone 7. So there. If you get a new Windows Phone 7, you might want to give Google search app a spin. It could be a good alternative to Bing on Windows Phone 7.

So, what will make you use Google search app instead of the Microsoft-back Bing search on your Windows Phone 7 unit? According to the Google Mobile blog, searching with Google on your Windows Phone 7 unit is easier and gives you quick and convenient access to a rich set of search results from the web, images, local, news and other Google verticals. Among several features that Google is bringing in to Windows Phone 7 are auto-suggest, search history and location-aware.

Ready to jump back into the Windows Mobile ecosystem? Remember, there are several Windows Phone 7 you can choose to buy. Choose wisely.

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  • Thomas Martin

    WP7 is enough by it self for me. I have the iPhone 4 and I cannot take the dropped calls anymore. The idea of shelling out $500 for the phone sucks but I need a phone to be a phone first.

    If it drops less calls than the iPhone 4 this is a step in the right direction for me. I want to avoid giving Google yet another way to track me. The initial comments I have read seemed good.

    I hope to be as excited as this fan tonight after I leave AT&T…Samsung Focus is the only good choice in the US