Windows Phone 7 Marketplace touting “nearly” 2,000 available apps & games

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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace touting

Good news for those who refuse to settle on a mobile platform that does not have a large amount of available apps — the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is already at 2,000. The details are coming courtesy of the Windows Phone Developer Blog who states it rather clearly;

“Windows Phone 7 customers in launch markets around the world already have access to nearly 2,000 apps and games”

Now lets see how high that 2,000 will climb and whether or not consumers will even care. Personally, I say given the right apps, 2,000 is more than enough. Of course, that seems easy for me to say given I am one of the few happy with the limited selection available in the App Catalog for webOS users. And sure, I would love to see more, but it does not change the fact that the major players are there.

Furthermore, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace currently has 13,000 registered developers and that means we should begin seeing more and more added to the available category.

Read [WindowsTeamBlog] and [Windows Phone 7 Marketplace] Via [BGR]

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