BlackBerry Playbook tablet to be a contender? Domain squatters think so

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If you search on eBay right now for a BlackBerry PlayBook, the new tablet that is said to be coming for sale in early 2011, you’ll find lots of options. Pricing ranges from a whopping $25,000 down to a measly $300. These prices are not for the tablet itself, oh no, it is for something far more valuable: domain names.

That’s right, what’s true for brick and mortar buinesses, “location,location,location”is true for s the #1 rule in locating a business is domain names. From winners like to to catchy ones like to the costly (that’s the $25k option). All come with free domain name transfer and free shipping. These are being sold as buy it now or best offer listings.

Currently, in the US eBay there are 20 different domain names for sale related to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Looking at iPad related domain names, you’ll find some for a little as $2 or as much as, get this, $21 million for There are currently 105 iPad related domains on eBay now.

Will PlayBook be a hit? A good domain name can help.

Auction listings: [for PlayBook] and [for iPad]

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  • kristen

    I own, org and info…. but Im not a squatter. I bought these for a book that was published. Dont need the domain sites now. Want to buy them?