Samsung Galaxy Tab up for grabs from T-Mobile today

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab

Just a quick note to remind you all that as previously announced, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available from T-Mobile today. If you’ve been eyeing possibly one of the best Android-powered tablets that we have seen so far, you better check out T-Mobile and make sure you’ve hit the purchase button.

As previously announced, T-Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab under two purchase options. You can either get it without the usual two-year service agreement, pay $599.99 and wait for your unit to get delivered, or tie yourself up with T-Mobile’s service plan and pay only $399.99 for the unit.

Of course, getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile is not your only option at owning this device. You can grab this one now or wait for both Sprint and Verizon to make their Samsung Galaxy Tabs available in the coming days. You might also want to check out other retailers who will also be releasing the Android tablet any day or get it from those who’ve already released a couple of days ago.

There you go. So, who’s getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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