Twitter connects with Apple’s Ping music social network

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Twitter Ping

Anybody here who actively uses Apple’s Ping social network that you can access via a small portion on the upper right corner of the iTunes homepage? Well, guess what? If you login to iTunes right now, you’ll notice an announcement sitting right on top of your iTunes screen. Yes, saw it? Well, welcome aboard Twitter. That’s right, you can now connect your Twitter account to Ping to make it easier for you to share your music discoveries while in iTunes and using Ping to your Twitter followers.

I don’t know if you still remember, but Twitter is not the first social network to connect with Ping. Facebook was in fact used to be part of Ping when it was launched. But it was immediately pulled out. Since then, Facebook never came back to Ping. We don’t know for sure how many people are using Ping right now. But it seems Twitter wants to take advantage of these users and decided to connect with Ping. Is this a good move on both parties? That we will have to know once the influx of Ping users connecting their Twitter accounts come in. Have you noticed any of your Twitter contacts already posting their Ping activities on their timeline?

Connecting your Ping account to Twitter is easy. Just click on the link on top of the iTunes screen and you will be prompted for your Twitter credentials. Once connected to Twitter, all your post, like, review, or purchases on Ping will be automatically posted to your Twitter timeline. And that’s not just a simple tweet but will contain previews of songs and links to purchase them from iTunes. When you receive a tweet sent via Ping containing an iTunes link, you will see the song or album in Twitter’s details pane.

That’s it. Will you be connecting your Ping account to Twitter?

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