Microsoft KIN One & KIN Two coming back to Verizon [Say it isn’t so]

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Microsoft KIN One & KIN Two coming back to Verizon

In what seems like a strange, and clearly a surprising move — the once killed off KIN One and KIN Two are returning to the available lineup with Verizon. Anyway, the details were first revealed by way of PPCGeeks who were able to get their hands on some internal Verizon documents showing off the Q4 overview and as you can see from the above image — the KIN One and KIN Two are listed. Some may have thought it to be a mistake however it has since been further confirmed by sources with Engadget. Bottom line, as surprising as it seems, the KIN One and KIN Two will soon be available with Verizon. The good news is that things may not be quite the same as before. Well, the phones will be the same, however Verizon will not be charging quite as much for the privilege (or curse) to use them. In other words, while they are going to be capable, they are not going to be married with full-on data plans. Basically the KIN One and KIN Two are coming back and they will be competing in the feature / quick messaging device lineup as opposed to the smartphone lineup. Sounds like something that should have happened from the beginning. With that, lets hope they see a little more success this time around.

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