AT&T updates iPad website, now allows for online data plan management

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AT&T sent out an email over the weekend letting us know about an update to the website. According to the details, you can now login using the same user name and password that you use on your iPad 3G and check your current data usage. Sounds like a winner for those on the 2GB iPad data plans. Of course, AT&T does also send out email notifications alerting you when you are close to exceeding your monthly allowance so this may not be as necessary for everyone. Still, it is nice to see AT&T making it easier for the customer.

Product Enhancement Update:

AT&T is happy to announce that now you can manage your iPad account from any internet-connected device. This will allow you to manage your account and data plans by visiting You will use the same login credentials as on your iPad. You can also use to setup and manage your data services for other iPads with wireless data capability that you purchase or own.

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  • Mary A Lampe

    trying to cancel account on my ipad with att since March 23, 2011