Google preps up its product search for the Holiday Season

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Google Product Search

With the traditional Black Friday event a couple of days ago, Google is preparing its online product search as early as now to usher in this year’s Christmas shopping season. Google has rolled out several enhancements to Google Product Search that connects online product search with offline brick and mortar store locations.

Basically, there are three new features that Google rolled out for Product Search – local availability of products yielded by Product Search, Google Shopper 1.3, and Popular “products” and “aisles.” Briefly, we describe each of these features below.

For local availability, Google has partnered with more than 70 retail brands such as Best Buy, Williams-Sonoma, JDA, Epicor, and Oracle. This would connect shoppers conducting product search with local stores that sell the products that were yieded by Google Product Search. Next, Google also updated its mobile shopping app to help you research items and find the best place to purchase these items from online or offline sources. The new version of the app now includes search filters such as “price” and “brand.”

Now, here ‘s the more interesting feature – popular products and aisles. Google tries to mimic the brick and mortar stores with this similar procedure. Both “popular products” and “aisles” will help you discover new products as well as find the product that you’re eyeing to purchase. These two new features are described as follow:

When you search for a category of products such as “camera lenses,” our new popular products feature helps you get started by showing you the lenses other people are viewing online. “Aisles” helps you browse and discover products by organizing results into sub-categories that others have found helpful. For example, if you’re looking for a new TV, you can choose between display types like LCD and plasma. If you’re interested in camera lenses for that brand new SLR, you can shop by the aperture of the lens.

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