New Facebook Messages announced, one messaging system to rule them all?

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There you go, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg just gave everyone of us a blow-by-blow account of Facebook’s next biggest project – Messages. Basically there are three points to what Facebook is planning to roll out – a seamless messaging system with a facility to keep conversational history and a social inbox. Let’s take a closer look at what each one of these points.

Facebook Messages as a Seamless Messaging System

The new Facebook Messages will integrate all the tools that we use to communicate with friends – SMS, chat, email and of course Facebook’s current messaging tool. The key here is that we as a user will now have the final decision on how we want to communicate with friends. Likewise, our friends will receive our messages through whatever medium or device they want to receive the messages from. Facebook will make our life easier by allowing us to send messages to friends by simply accessing their names. It looks like Facebook will be encouraging seamless synchronization of all our contacts from various platforms. Additionally, Facebook will be giving out email address to anyone who wants one.

Facebook Messages’ Conversational History

The new Facebook Messages will also bring together all your messages with a friend in one place, regardless of whether they are chat session, email or SMS. This will be compiled possibly through a message thread that will continue for as long as you continue to communicate with that friend. Now, this sounds interesting.

Facebook Messages with Social Inbox

Another interesting feature of the soon-to-be re-launched Facebook Messages is the social inbox concept. Basically, what Facebook wants to do is to separate all messages from your friend in your inbox. All other messages that do not come from any of your friends will be lumped together into the “Other Folder.” So when someone you know sends you an email and that person is not yet on Facebook, the email will be stored in Other folder. You can then transfer the email to your Inbox later on.

And those are the new things that we should expect from the new Facebook Messages. Your thoughts?

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