ViewSonic ViewPad 7 shows up at Amazon with a whooping $599 price tag

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ViewSonic ViewPad on Amazon

Not too in love with the Samsung Galaxy Tab but still you want to join the tablet PC craze? Check out the ViewSonic ViewPad which just showed up over at Amazon. Although, the product site still says that the ViewSonic ViewPad is temporarily out-of-stock, still if you really want to grab this device you might as well signify your intent to purchase one from Amazon. That way, you’ll have first dibs once units start to arrive.

Interestingly, the ViewSonic ViewPad is being sold by Amazon for an unexpected price tag of $599. While this maybe at par with the no-contract versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, still said price tag is relatively pricey for such a device. We’re not putting down the ViewPad here. We just want to know the reason why it now carries a higher price tag. Competition or the lack of user interest with the product?

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