Amazon’s online Black Friday deals start on Nov. 22

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Amazon Black Friday Deals

Amazon is getting ready for its own Black Friday deals. Unlike other retailers who have their brick and mortar stores that you can visit to get the best product deals, Amazon’s sales will of course be happening online, starting on Nov. 22. The gig will run for one week and Amazon will be offering one new deals each day, everyday.

And in case you have not tried this online deals before, it would be wise for you to know that most products offered during this special are really being offered at rock bottom prices. But there’s a catch, each of the products offered will be offered online for a limited time only. So, if you spot a nice new gadget that you’ve always wanted to purchase featured as one of the deals of the day, don’ t hesitate to get it as fast as you can.

Another important thing to note is that Amazon’s Black Friday deals are open to anyone, not exclusive to U.S. customers only. That means a cool deal might run out of stock as soon as it comes out. So, if I were you, I’d bookmark the Amazon Black Friday deal page and check out the site from time to time starting November 22. You might also want to sign up for Amazon’s Twitter alerts or like their Facebook fan page to get first dibs on latest product deals. Full details can be found on the read link below.

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